an artists rendering shows two massive planets colliding around 
the star hd 23514 in the pleiades cluster
The 400 light-years away open cluster in the constellation of Taurus and among the nearest to the Earth — Pleiades — seems to be ever happening, now that small, rocky planets may be in the making in the cluster!
It is all happening around one of the hundreds of stars — known as HD 23514 — in the Pleiades cluster and interestingly, the forming planets could resemble either Earth or Mars! The star is found to be surrounded by an extraordinary number of hot dust particles, and these perhaps are the planets’ building blocks, researchers believe.

Leading the study, Joseph Rhee of the University of California at Los Angeles said,
This is the first clear evidence for planet formation in the Pleiades, and the results we are presenting may well be the first observational evidence that terrestrial planets like those in our solar system are quite common.
Terrestrial planets similar to those in our solar system might probably be quite common, but none of the 200 planets spotted around stars outside our solar system are as small as Earth and just one.
But, will the forming Pleiades cluster-planets be capable of supporting life? This question is surely the next that will keep the scientists busy with.